Hus Capital is a member of the Hus Companies family, providing the financing necessary to Acquire, Develop, Build, and Manage Real Estate Assets in the New England Market. 

Community Connections, Exceptional Projects, and Unrivaled Management are all key drivers to a successful and profitable project. With the help of our investment and lending partners, Hus Capital makes these projects possible. 

We’ve built a diverse team of lawyers, architects, urban planners, financial analysts, mortgage brokers, real estate brokers, marketing professionals, operations & project managers, and property managers that bring proven proficiency when it comes to real estate investments and developments. We are experts in land and property procurement, project team management, securing entitlements, deal financing, budgeting, scheduling, and managing construction. We have created an impressive and diverse portfolio that continues to grow. 

Hus Capital was built with the investor’s best interest at heart. From the beginning at Hus Companies, we wanted to align our interests, as developers, with our partners and investors, because without them none of this would be possible. To do this, we’ve created a single investment fund that invests in all of our projects. Providing a diversified approach to real estate investment while maximizing our investors’ return. This diversification also provides safety and liquidity by spreading each project’s unique risks and capital requirements across the whole portfolio. To further align our interests with our investors, all of our Principals have invested significant capital alongside all of our investors. 


In this ever-changing Real Estate market, Hus Capital, with the help of Hus Companies and its affiliates, is strategically positioned to provide superior investment returns to its shareholders through its Project Selection, vertically integrated family of companies, and its diverse and experienced team members. We strive to continually outperform our peers and make a difference in the communities we serve.

Lookout on Main

Warren, RI

979 on Main

Walpole, MA

Academy Cove

Wickford, RI

West River Estates

Smithfield, RI

Coming Soon

Maritime Haven

 Onset, MA